Through testing conducted by an independent, U.S. EPA-certified laboratory, it was determined that Adya, Inc.’s water purifying solution, Adya Clarity, reduces up to 99.9% of the chemical 4-Methylcyclohexanemethanol (MCHM) from water.

The chemical, 4-Methylcyclohexanemethanol (MCHM) was spilled into the Elk River just upstream from the Kanawha County municipal water intake in Charleston, West Virginia on January 9, 2014, contaminating the water supply to over 300,000 West Virginia residents.

The U.S. EPA-certified laboratory, Envirotek Laboratories, Inc. of Mullica Hill, New Jersey, conducted the MCHM Reduction Test using Adya’s water purifying solution, Adya Clarity. The following procedures were performed:

Three liters of tap water were spiked with 400 μg of 4-Methyl-1-cyclohexanemethanol (MCHM) in a flask. Added 12 mL (4mLper liter) of Adya Clarity solution to the spiked solution, the flask was closed, mixed well and let sit for 12, 24, and 48 hours inside a fume hood. One liter of the solution was filtered through a 0.45 micron paper after 12 hours, a second liter of the solution was filtered through a 0.45 micron paper after 24 hours, the final liter of the solution was filtered through a 0.45 micron paper after 48 hours, the initial spiked solution and the filtered solutions were tested following the EPA method 525 for drinking water. The results are summarized below:


Time Before Filtering MCHM concentration in Adya Clarity Filtered Water % Reduction
12 hours. 7.5 µg/L 94.4 %
24 hours 3.5 µg/L 97.4 %
48 hours <0.1 µg/L 99.9 %


The Adya Claritysolution combined with the 0.45 microns filter paper reduced the MCHM concentration in the tap water by 99.9 % after 48 hours treatment.

WHAT IS MCHM (4-methylcyclohexanemethanol)?

4-methylcyclohexanemethanol (MCHM) is a chemical used to process coal. MCHM does not have explosive nor flammable properties. It is classified as an organic alcohol with an odor reported to smell like licorice.


Unfortunately, information regarding the impact of MCHM to human health and the environment, either acute or chronic, is not fully known. Apparently, there are no human health studies. One study, owned by Eastman Chemical Company, where MCHM was tested on rats, is considered to be proprietary information and has not been released to the public.


Founded in 2004, and based in Coldwater, Michigan, Adya, Inc. is the manufacturer of a revolutionary water purifying solution. This water purifying solution is a natural mineral salt complex which provides a safe and effective way to purify water.

Adya’s products are distributed around the world through manufacturing facilities located in North America, Europe, and Africa.

Adya, Inc. believes that clean and safe drinking water is a basic human right. They are committed to providing revolutionary, innovative and cost-effective products to not only provide clean and safe drinking water for humanity, but to clean Earth’s freshwater reserves to ensure the future of all life on Earth.

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Adya Clarity and the REDUCTION of Aluminum

Water is Life Force:  From Toxic Soup to Primordial Life…new hope for our Planet’s Water

…was quoted in the January 2013 online magazine from the Hippocrates Health Institute , Volume 33, Issue 1, Recovery 13:  Universal Potential when Dr. Brian Clement interviewed Matt Bakos of Adya, Inc.

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Dr. Brian Clement asks Matt Bakos about the Aluminum in our product

Dr. Brian Clement:  Aluminum presents toxins into our body through common products like cookware and deoderants.  Concern has been expressed about what happens to the Iron and Aluminum in Adya Clarity.  Could they be harmful?

Matt Bakos:  The aluminum and iron in Adya Clarity are in a natural complex dissolved as salts.  Adya Clarity is derived from Mica which is an aluminum silicate.  Biotite Mica has a higher ferric iron content which acts as a magnet to attract many other trace elements that are not found in micas with less iron content.  The aluminum in mica is essentially present because the cage-like molecular structure is built solely on aluminum and silicate, much like zeolites and clays.  Fortunately, the aluminum and iron act as a binder and precipitate out of solution when they interact with toxins and contaminants.  This allows these minerals to be excreted and not absorbed into our cells.  EPA tests show that this occurs even in tap water.  When properly filtered, the aluminum and iron are reduced well below EPA limits.  Blood and hair analysis in humans reveal reduction of aluminum.  Even after consuming our product for extended periods of time, iron and aluminum has never tested in a dangerous range.

Now, I’m not a chemist, nor do I pretend to know much about the periodic table of elements, but I’ve been using this product for almost nine years now.  I have, due to a long term condition, as well as being diagnosed with Breast cancer at the young age of 39, had several hair analysis tests done throughout the last 9-10 years.  NEVER have I shown ANY…or in a few cases, close to zero heavy metals through my personal hair analysis testing.  I utilize the test to keep an eye on all facets of my health.   Balance is the key to LIFE.

Find out the answer with Matt Bakos asked Dr. Brian Clement about Adya Clarity helping the body assimilate nutrients better here.

Love, Laugh, Breathe…and by all means, DRINK pure water.  :)

“Our bodies are like fish.  It’s only as healthy as the water it swims in”

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11 Countries BAN Fluoride in their Drinking Water…what about US??!!

Hey Ya’ll, it’s crazy to me that 11 Countries BAN fluoride in their Drinking Water and here in the United States, we are poisoning ourselves as well as our children daily.  China, Austria, Belgium, Sweden, The Netherlands, Japan, Finland, Germany, Denmark, Norway and Hungary. I ran across this, and felt it important to pass this on.

It’s The Great Culling Official Water Trailer 1, and is only a couple minutes in length.  Take a moment and check it out. You can check out the official site at The Great Culling dot org.

Have you ever wondered why “fluoridated toothpaste” has a warning label that reads… “Keep out of the reach of children under 6 years of age… If more than used for brushing is accidently swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away.” Read the full post here.

At MicaPureWater, our solution shows to REMOVE/REDUCE fluoride:

“Advanced Fluoride Reduction Test – After addition of Adya to “Sodium Fluoride Solution” at the proper ratio concluded that Adya traps about 100% of the Fluoride ions in solution treated with 4mL of Adya per 8mg/L of Fluoride solution: at his point Fluoride ions were below the detectable limit of ISE method 340.1″

See the full lab report here. Of course, besides Fluoride our solution removes/reduces:
Chloramine, Chloride,  4 Types of EColi, Hexavalent Chromium, VOC’s, BOD’s, COD’s, Pathogenic Bacteria, Heavy Metals, TOC’s, and a 60% INCREASE in the conductivity or “available ions” in the tested water.  Nitrate reduced 11%, Copper reduced 26%, Arsenic reduces 62%, Mercury reduced 91%, and Lead reduced more than 99%!

The Great Culling Official Water Trailer 2, below is about 9 minutes long, but worth the view.

I wish all of you Health and Happiness Always!
Check us out at MicaPureWater to start experiencing “The Fountain ofYouth”!

Here’s to Health, Happiness, Love and Gratitude!


P.S.  Have you ever wondered about the Paleo (Caveman) Diet?  I’m blogging about the Paleo Summit I attended, and have summarized the expert interviews.  Check them out was awesome!  If you’ve ever wondered if you were sensitive or allergic to wheat, this is a must view.



Drinking Water At Risk for more than 117 million Americans

I just received an email from the Clean Water Action Group as I subscribe to their Newsletters, as well as donated to a nice young man that visited our home a few years back in the snowy cold winter!

Clean Water Action Group is a 40 year old organization, with over 1 million members working together to protect our environment, health, economic well being and community quality of life.  Please click here to find out more about Clean Water Action Group.

“The polluters’ loopholes in the Clean Water Act have put drinking water for more than 117 million Americans at risk”

Besides helping the Clean Water Action campaign by becoming a member in pursuit to restore critical protections weakened by “polluter friendly” court decisions and relentless lobbying by big coal and other polluters, you can help protect YOUR family now.

At Mica Pure Water, we have an amazing All Natural (from Mother Earth) product that yields an all natural, water purifying additive, unaltered by chemicals or dangerous compounds, but utilizing one of the most powerful forces in Nature….Magnetism!  This power is best demonstrated by the minerals’ ability to cause certain dissolved toxins and contaminants that people cannot see, to become visible and insoluble, separating them from the water itself, making it easy to filter.  Crazy, but true!  Read all about it here!

Let’s strive and thrive in 2012, and make a difference.  Your family deserves it, the environment deserves it, your CELLS deserve it…and our body REQUIRES it!  Slip on over to Clean Water Action Group to see how YOU can make a difference, and head over to Mica Pure Water and find out why, it’s the BEST water outside of a natural spring, for you and your body!

Here’s to Health, Happiness, Love and Gratitude!

The bottled water industry and its effects on our health, climate change, pollution, and our reliance on oil

It has become common knowledge that 40% of bottled water is actually TAP WATER, not to mention the effect on our environment is disheartening. Check out this trailer from the movie “Tapped” to see for yourself the devastating effects the bottled water industry has created.

We KNOW our body needs PURE, healthy water to operate and perform our daily functions. Pure water is needed for proper digestion, blood regulation, body temperature, detoxification and more. And since 40% of bottled water IS tap water, you risk the dangerous effects of Disinfection ByProducts (DBP’s) created from the chlorination of water.

See here where Adya Clarity used in conjunction with our Water Filtration System removes/reduces the free chlorine by 100%!

…not to mention the dangerous VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds)
“Many VOCs are human-made chemicals that are used and produced in the manufacture of paints, adhesives, petroleum products, pharmaceuticals, and refrigerants. They often are compounds of fuels, solvents, hydraulic fluids, paint thinners, and dry-cleaning agents commonly used in urban settings. VOC contamination of drinking water supplies is a human-health concern because many are toxic and are known or suspected human carcinogens.” – U.S. Geological Survey, 2005″

An independent EPA lab concluded, Adya Clarity is extremely effective when used to filter the volatile organic compounds through the “Adya Mineral Filtration System”…after being filtered through the “Adya Mineral Filtration System”, the concentration of VOC’s were below the method detention limit!  See our report here.

Imagine paying over 2,000 times more for bottled water than tap water, and essentially receiving the same thing. Did you ever think years ago, we’d be paying for bottled water…as much as $2.99 or more per bottle?!! Even the “Big Box” stores that sell a 24 pack of “who knows what”, you’ll pay .20 cents for each of those bottles that become landfill. What’s in it? What are we giving our children? What are we TEACHING our children?

The “tap water” industry actually has to adhere to stricter standards than the bottled water industry!

Please, do yourself, your family and the environment a favor and ditch the water containing byproducts, along with the bottles! It is common knowledge that the BEST water available is pure, Spring Water straight from Mother Earth. To find a spring near you, go to
Or to experience the taste and benefits of the next best thing, for less than 60 cents per gallon, what I like to call, Nature’s Elixir, visit Mica Pure Water

It has been said that the greatest advertising and marketing trick of all time …BOTTLED WATER!

Here’s to Health, Happiness, Love and Gratitude!

Fun quote: Yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery-TODAY is a gift, that’s why it’s called the “present”!

What does Adya Clarity do to reduce Fluoride in YOUR drinking water!

Envirotek Laboratories, Inc  concludes that the “Adya Clarity traps about 100% of the Fluoride ions in solution at a concentration of 4 mL of Adya Clarity per 8 mg/L of Fluoride solution; at this point, the Fluoride was below the detection limit of the method 340.2″

See the official test results here:

Read all the specifics here:

Make it a great day, and I appreciate your all support and kind words!


Michelle Kinna

Heartfelt” thought is Magic

Heartfelt” thought is Magic! Thought is the movement of consciousness.Whatever our subconscious mind holds long enough is bound to be produced in our outward affairs.   It is proven over and over again that what we think becomes.  I have been personally practicing this for the last year or so, and it has changed my life immensely, spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially!  It takes practice, continual practice, often “falling off the wagon”, but it has been one of the most amazing lessons I have found.  Stop for a moment and take note of how many negative thoughts are thought…this is OK, and quite normal given each persons situation.  But you can change this and become happier, healthier more content and relaxed.

If you say “I am unhappy” and continue to say, while truly believing it, the subconscious mind says “Yes, I get it, you are unhappy”.  Start your day with the thoughts of “All is well in my world”, while believing it.  I’ve used this saying each and every time a negative thought enters my mind.  This is not done by only holding thoughts, but by KNOWING them to be the truth…it is done to you, as you believe.

I recall many times sitting in a morning meeting with my co-workers as they complain of their health, complain of their jobs, politics, lack of finances etc.  That can take a toll on anybody, and it did for awhile until I changed MY thoughts.  They are individuals, and have their thoughts, but they are THEIR thoughts, not mine.  I recall saying to myself, “all is well in my world, I am happy, healthy and love life.”  Things began changing for me.  It is important to note that you CANNOT think negatively about them, the point is to feel genuine love for everybody.

The encouraging message here is, no matter what may be in your subconscious state of thought, your conscious state can change it!

Thoughts are things!  It is said that an emotional shock, or a mind filled with thoughts of fear, has been known to cause the momentary stoppage or acceleration of the heart.  Physicians now testify that, under emotional stress, particularly anger, the blood leaves a chemical deposit around the joints in the body.  Worry, fear, anger, jealously and other emotional conditions are mental in their nature (which are all thoughts…thoughts we choose) and are being recognized as the hidden cause of a large part of physical suffering.  A healthy mind reflects itself in a healthy body.  Thoughts of sickness can make a man sick and thoughts of health and perfection can heal him.

It is important to “feel” your thoughts as well…”feel” the love…take note the next time you feel a loving situation, whether it be through watching or listening to your children, your mate, through nature and all its beauty…STOP and notice that feeling, that thought and how your heart feels at that time and BOTTLE it, remember it! The next time “negative thoughts” take over, think back at that moment, and FEEL that thought/experience again!  The longer you go on this path, the more you avoid negative thoughts….HEARTFELT thought is magic!

The way to prosperity, success, health and sustained happiness is to have absolute certainty that your desired outcome is already yours.  The only reliable pathway to achieving optimal results is to think, feel, speak and act with absolute certainty that the objects of our attention already exist.

The key is emotion…truly feel it….truly believe it!

Now it’s your turn.  Try it for just one week.  I remember listening to my husband “arguing” with the news in the morning…everything negative.  It would get me a little worked up to say the least.  But as I continue to practice this amazing technique, I no longer allow it to bother me…they are his thoughts, at that particular moment, not mine…”all is well in my world, and I truly love that man, he has enriched my life at many levels.”

As the complete office staff became sick, one at a time, I choose to express to them as well as myself, while believing it, that “I don’t get sick…all is well in my world.”  Did I get sick?  No way!

Health to you,
With loving thoughts,

Fluoride is a Hazardous Waste..and it’s in our water!

Fluoride is a Hazardous Waste!

I can’t help but touch upon this subject as I feel it’s very important, and I promise there will be a “happy ending” to this hum-drum article. ☺

. Most people now know nearly every municipal water supply has fluoride (a highly toxic poison) added during water treatment , which is very detrimental to your health. Europeans have known for many years that fluoride is toxic and have removed it from their water supplies, but it is still widely used in the United States, and this deceptive practice continues today.
If you are spending your money on bottled water, you may be throwing your money away. Bottled water is actually less regulated than tap water, you can never be sure what is in it. The environment is being bombarded with plastic bottles as well.

Have you ever wondered why “fluoridated toothpaste” has a warning label that reads… “Keep out of the reach of children under 6 years of age… If more than used for brushing is accidently swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away”

Sodium fluoride is a toxic waste… Calcium fluoride occurs naturally. Adya Mineral solution changes Sodium fluoride into Calcium fluoride.

So what do we do to make our water better?

This is the creator of Adya Clarity’s response:

“First and most importantly we have to engage in a subtraction business of removing only villains from the water. There are 5 steps of subtraction we need to do. To remove those that cause water to lose clarity, namely insoluble substances.
To kill dissolved germs.
To remove rotten organic matters dissolved in water (biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) type). These organic matters can come from both meats and vegetables.
To remove artificially developed synthetic substances like petrochemicals that did not actually exist in nature. This for example includes such thing as synthetically made detergents.
Lastly to remove heavy metals, such as arsenic, lead, mercury, cadmium and chromium.
When you do a thorough job of these 5 steps of subtraction, we create purified water or distilled water. But the answer as to whether this water is good for living organisms becomes no. There are many reasons for this, but subtraction is not good enough. Without beginning the process of addition, the water is still not good for living organisms. The addition is about introducing as many types of minerals into the water as possible.
Every living organism, be it an animal or a plant, continues their life cycle by absorbing minerals from water. When our bodies do not have the necessary minerals, our organs cannot function. The very enzymes that are supposed to do their God given functions cannot do their jobs unless they can receive the necessary minerals.”

Minerals activate enzymes within the body. Adya minerals are not chemically synthesized, they were extracted out of Nature as they existed.

See all test reports, or order at

For 5 cents per glass, Adya Minerals will …

Eliminate molds and bacteria (4 types Ecoli)
Render impurities inert (harmless)
Activate Oxygen
Reduce or eliminate Heavy Metals, Chlorine
Change Sodium Fluoride to Calcium Fluoride
Raise the energy and frequency of water.

We have an amazing product here, yet it can be very confusing to the “layperson”. Just know, as a Breast Cancer survivor of 8 years, I truly believe this is one of my first defenses.

Click here to find out more!


Health to you,
With loving thoughts,
Michelle :)

Today, I am grateful!

Today, I am grateful!

Gratitude, I have found is a remarkable quality of life. Trust in the unfolding process of life by shifting your thoughts and feelings from an experience of lack or fear to a sense of “all is well in my world”. Once you engage in daily gratitude, things begin to change! Call it law of attraction, cause and effect, as we become more aware of the blessings we are already enjoying and we become naturally and spontaneously more grateful, wonderful things happen!

What you seek is what you’ll find!

I’ve recently started practicing gratitude. Focusing my mental space to being filled with gratitude for what already is. It started small. Each morning before my feet hit the floor, I lay in bed and focus on all that I am grateful for, whether it is the warm comforter, my health, my children, my husband, the sunshine that warms my face, my kitty purring on my chest …I have chosen to live with a grateful heart. Each morning, I set my intentions to be in a state of thankfulness and gratitude. I feel lighter and more blessed than I ever have! Wonderful things are happening!

Seek to Appreciate, instead of Depreciate!

The moment that the heart is filled with gratitude, you’ll find there is no space for fear, anger or sadness. There is only space to BREATHE and BE! Be kind, loving and appreciative of others…focus on seeing the good in all. I was finding that “people” began to irritate me. I couldn’t understand why they did or said things and acted “inappropriately”, and soon found that to be my main focus, hence negative thoughts and feelings! I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t as productive as I “should be” at this point in my life. Much has changed. I choose to see and FEEL things differently. Be kind, loving and appreciative, seeing the good in all, while being grateful for all you have! Happiness is the quality of the soul. When people ask me “how are you”, my response is “ALL IS WELL IN MY WORLD”…try it, you’ll be amazed!

Trust in the perfection of life!

Probably, the most remarkable, rewarding experience I have had while implementing gratitude daily in my life is my conversations with my children. Bradley, 25 and Dillon, 19. Having them “appease” me while practicing gratitude prior to stepping out of bed, their attitudes about “life” and the “stresses” they endure have changed remarkably. Our children are the future, and with them on board, everything is possible. An attitude of gratitude is a choice. Focus daily and engage in heartfelt thanks and wonderful things will happen…I promise!

Health to you,
With loving thoughts,
Michelle Kinna