Are you Magnesium Deficient? Start with your Water!

Seems like the new “buzz” is Magnesium Deficiency

Let’s start with your tap water, and of course almost ALL bottled water.

Fluoride seeks out minerals such as magnesium and binds with it, making magnesium unavailable to the body and unavailable to do its work.


Sodium Fluoride

Fluoride, which has been added to water since the 1950′s, has been linked to many health effects including bone disease, systemic disorder, increased risk for cancer, down syndrome, heart disease, osteoporosis and bone fracture, immune disorders, low intelligence, renal disorders, Alzheimer disease and allergic reactions.

Adya products reduce 159 different industrial chemicals in water, including 80 Volatile Organic Compounds!

The Fluoride Action Network has done a fantastic job educating folks on the dangers of fluoride.  Read their 10 facts about Fluoride here.

But back to Magnesium.  Dr. Carolyn Dean, MD, ND has studied Magnesium for over 15 years.  Her book, The Magnesium Miracle came out last year and in it you can learn about 22 medical areas that magnesium deficiency triggers or causes, all of which have all been scientifically proven.  Some signs of magnesium deficiencies include anxiety and panic attacks, insomnia, heart disease, cystitis, hypertension, kidney disease, fatigue, nerve problems and MANY more.

So if you’re looking to supplement with magnesium, and I think you should, start FIRST with the water you are drinking.  Reduce the contaminants with ionic minerals.  Ionic minerals are intelligent minerals. Our minerals provide subtle magnetic power. They pull out toxins from water, combine themselves with dissolved garbage and transform them into inert insoluble matter.

Be sure to source a high quality Magnesium supplement for your family by doing your research.  We all know that the greatest wealth IS health!

Love to you all!


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The Best Graduation Gift Idea

The Best Graduation Gift Idea!

graduatesIt’s that time of year again where the invites for graduation parties start rollin in.  No, I didn’t graduate, but in essence, I felt as though I did!  This is a picture of my youngest son who accomplished just that…. a degree!  So what did I gift him with for his long 4 years ahead (well, ok it took him 5 years, but still proud as punch).  I gifted clean water!  We are all aware of the contaminants in our water from agricultural chemicals, disinfectants and disinfection byproducts, heavy metals, industrial chemicals, microorganisms, pharmaceuticals and basic drugs, as well as the major health role water provides.  What about the money I saved him from purchasing bottled water?  And what is IN that bottled water?

filtration unit with mins

Less than 60 cents per GALLON is what it costs.  For a limited time you can purchase a 32 ounce bottle of Adya Clarity and receive a FREE Filtration Unit valued at $125.00!  The 32 ounce bottle purifies up to 250 gallons of water, and had my son not shared it with all of his peeps (they loved the clean taste), it would have gotten him through 250 days based on a gallon a day!   It’s been 11 years that my family has been drinking this “clean water way” and I am thankful for such an amazing product.  I have yet to find a product quite the same.  :)

Cheers to the graduates of 2015!

Love to you all,


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P.P.S.  We are unable to sell our products at this time to the States of California and Iowa…more on that coming soon.


Adya products reduce lead, mercury and arsenic to non-detectable limits in water.


The 10 most dangerous, but common toxins and how to avoid them

I just ran across this article written by Holly Klamer, who is a nutritionist and college professor.  She was asked to present the 10 most common and dangerous toxins, and how to avoid them.  I was saddened, but not surprised to see the top 3 were lead, mercury and arsenic.


“The word toxin can be considered a harmful substance found in the food we eat or the environment we live in.  While many foods naturally contain toxins that are harmful only in high doses, most of the concern with toxins from food is from chemicals added into our food supply or from industrial waste that can cause harm.  These are dangerous pollutants that can get into the environment through soil, water and air that can be harmful to our bodies.”

Read the article:  The 10 most dangerous, but common toxins and how to avoid them 

We CAN reduce these toxin from our drinking water!  Get your free Spring Water Filtration System today!





Does Adya Clarity™ Reduce Contaminants in Our Body?



Well, thank you Kacper Postawski Companies!  You are continually going that extra step!

In this 90 day clinical trial study, Adya Clarity was found to reduce: Lead, Mercury, Arsenic, and harmful Aluminum in the human body by an average of 82%.
In addition, intracellular hydration was increased by 32% (consider that the most expensive himalayan salt will increase hydration up to 25%).
Considering the state of water we have today globally, in addition to increasing environmental toxins, and bioengineering, our bodies are being bombarded by toxic heavy metals, among various other poisons.
Also, the majority of us are not receiving proper hydration, because the majority of water we consume, has been altered and has lost it’s primordial structure that allows it to flow freely into the cells.
Hydrate today!  Get your Spring Water Filtration Unit on me here!

Here is the link to Kacper Postawski’s 90 day human trial.  Crazy cool!

Enjoy… and hugs!


Where to Buy Adya Clarity at the Best Price

Taste the difference!

Taste the difference!

I have been contacted several times in regards to Adya Clarity™ and the best price for purchasing.  There are several legitimate distributors, yet proceed with caution as there are many that are not.

I’ve been with Adya since inception, about 11 years now and am currently one of the few Master Distributors of the product.  Woohoo for you!

Adya Clarity™ is a para-magnetic sulfate mineral solution extracted from the rarest, most mineral rich Biotite/Black Mica volcanic deposit in Japan.  A proprietary acid sulfate process is used to perfectly extract the elements from the Black Mica that are 100% bioavailable.

Adya Clarity™ CLEANS your water!  Adya’s products remove or reduce more contaminants than the leading filtration brands, are safe for you and the environment, and give your water a pure, delicious taste.  See list here.

You can purchase the Spring Water Filtration Unit (I’ve had mine for 11 years now) with 32 ounces of Adya Clarity™ which will purify up to 250 gallons of water for the price of the minerals!  Yep, I’m GIVING away the Water Unit!

Get yours here!  Listen, I’ve been doing this for many years, and my wish is that everyone have the access to clean drinking water.  I’m not a scientist, I’m not a chemist…just a realist!

And by the way, shipping is on me!  Actually, the real reason the shipping is free and on me is I can’t figure out how to create the shipping costs in my shopping cart!  LOL

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Through testing conducted by an independent, U.S. EPA-certified laboratory, it was determined that Adya, Inc.’s water purifying solution, Adya Clarity, reduces up to 99.9% of the chemical 4-Methylcyclohexanemethanol (MCHM) from water.

The chemical, 4-Methylcyclohexanemethanol (MCHM) was spilled into the Elk River just upstream from the Kanawha County municipal water intake in Charleston, West Virginia on January 9, 2014, contaminating the water supply to over 300,000 West Virginia residents.

The U.S. EPA-certified laboratory, Envirotek Laboratories, Inc. of Mullica Hill, New Jersey, conducted the MCHM Reduction Test using Adya’s water purifying solution, Adya Clarity. The following procedures were performed:

Three liters of tap water were spiked with 400 μg of 4-Methyl-1-cyclohexanemethanol (MCHM) in a flask. Added 12 mL (4mLper liter) of Adya Clarity solution to the spiked solution, the flask was closed, mixed well and let sit for 12, 24, and 48 hours inside a fume hood. One liter of the solution was filtered through a 0.45 micron paper after 12 hours, a second liter of the solution was filtered through a 0.45 micron paper after 24 hours, the final liter of the solution was filtered through a 0.45 micron paper after 48 hours, the initial spiked solution and the filtered solutions were tested following the EPA method 525 for drinking water. The results are summarized below:


Time Before Filtering MCHM concentration in Adya Clarity Filtered Water % Reduction
12 hours. 7.5 µg/L 94.4 %
24 hours 3.5 µg/L 97.4 %
48 hours <0.1 µg/L 99.9 %


The Adya Claritysolution combined with the 0.45 microns filter paper reduced the MCHM concentration in the tap water by 99.9 % after 48 hours treatment.

WHAT IS MCHM (4-methylcyclohexanemethanol)?

4-methylcyclohexanemethanol (MCHM) is a chemical used to process coal. MCHM does not have explosive nor flammable properties. It is classified as an organic alcohol with an odor reported to smell like licorice.


Unfortunately, information regarding the impact of MCHM to human health and the environment, either acute or chronic, is not fully known. Apparently, there are no human health studies. One study, owned by Eastman Chemical Company, where MCHM was tested on rats, is considered to be proprietary information and has not been released to the public.


Founded in 2004, and based in Coldwater, Michigan, Adya, Inc. is the manufacturer of a revolutionary water purifying solution. This water purifying solution is a natural mineral salt complex which provides a safe and effective way to purify water.

Adya’s products are distributed around the world through manufacturing facilities located in North America, Europe, and Africa.

Adya, Inc. believes that clean and safe drinking water is a basic human right. They are committed to providing revolutionary, innovative and cost-effective products to not only provide clean and safe drinking water for humanity, but to clean Earth’s freshwater reserves to ensure the future of all life on Earth.

Get your Adya Clarity today at

Together, we can make our world a better place



Adya Clarity and the REDUCTION of Aluminum

Water is Life Force:  From Toxic Soup to Primordial Life…new hope for our Planet’s Water

…was quoted in the January 2013 online magazine from the Hippocrates Health Institute , Volume 33, Issue 1, Recovery 13:  Universal Potential when Dr. Brian Clement interviewed Matt Bakos of Adya, Inc.

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Dr. Brian Clement asks Matt Bakos about the Aluminum in our product

Dr. Brian Clement:  Aluminum presents toxins into our body through common products like cookware and deoderants.  Concern has been expressed about what happens to the Iron and Aluminum in Adya Clarity.  Could they be harmful?

Matt Bakos:  The aluminum and iron in Adya Clarity are in a natural complex dissolved as salts.  Adya Clarity is derived from Mica which is an aluminum silicate.  Biotite Mica has a higher ferric iron content which acts as a magnet to attract many other trace elements that are not found in micas with less iron content.  The aluminum in mica is essentially present because the cage-like molecular structure is built solely on aluminum and silicate, much like zeolites and clays.  Fortunately, the aluminum and iron act as a binder and precipitate out of solution when they interact with toxins and contaminants.  This allows these minerals to be excreted and not absorbed into our cells.  EPA tests show that this occurs even in tap water.  When properly filtered, the aluminum and iron are reduced well below EPA limits.  Blood and hair analysis in humans reveal reduction of aluminum.  Even after consuming our product for extended periods of time, iron and aluminum has never tested in a dangerous range.

Now, I’m not a chemist, nor do I pretend to know much about the periodic table of elements, but I’ve been using this product for almost nine years now.  I have, due to a long term condition, as well as being diagnosed with Breast cancer at the young age of 39, had several hair analysis tests done throughout the last 9-10 years.  NEVER have I shown ANY…or in a few cases, close to zero heavy metals through my personal hair analysis testing.  I utilize the test to keep an eye on all facets of my health.   Balance is the key to LIFE.

Find out the answer with Matt Bakos asked Dr. Brian Clement about Adya Clarity helping the body assimilate nutrients better here.

Love, Laugh, Breathe…and by all means, DRINK pure water.  :)

“Our bodies are like fish.  It’s only as healthy as the water it swims in”

For those of you who are interested in promoting/selling/distributing our product, please drop me an email at

Brick and Mortar, online, trade shows or just family and friends, I’m here to help!


Health to you, with loving thoughts,

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11 Countries BAN Fluoride in their Drinking Water…what about US??!!

Hey Ya’ll, it’s crazy to me that 11 Countries BAN fluoride in their Drinking Water and here in the United States, we are poisoning ourselves as well as our children daily.  China, Austria, Belgium, Sweden, The Netherlands, Japan, Finland, Germany, Denmark, Norway and Hungary. I ran across this, and felt it important to pass this on.

It’s The Great Culling Official Water Trailer 1, and is only a couple minutes in length.  Take a moment and check it out. You can check out the official site at The Great Culling dot org.

Have you ever wondered why “fluoridated toothpaste” has a warning label that reads… “Keep out of the reach of children under 6 years of age… If more than used for brushing is accidently swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away.” Read the full post here.

At MicaPureWater, our solution shows to REMOVE/REDUCE fluoride:

“Advanced Fluoride Reduction Test – After addition of Adya to “Sodium Fluoride Solution” at the proper ratio concluded that Adya traps about 100% of the Fluoride ions in solution treated with 4mL of Adya per 8mg/L of Fluoride solution: at his point Fluoride ions were below the detectable limit of ISE method 340.1″

See the full lab report here. Of course, besides Fluoride our solution removes/reduces:
Chloramine, Chloride,  4 Types of EColi, Hexavalent Chromium, VOC’s, BOD’s, COD’s, Pathogenic Bacteria, Heavy Metals, TOC’s, and a 60% INCREASE in the conductivity or “available ions” in the tested water.  Nitrate reduced 11%, Copper reduced 26%, Arsenic reduces 62%, Mercury reduced 91%, and Lead reduced more than 99%!

The Great Culling Official Water Trailer 2, below is about 9 minutes long, but worth the view.

I wish all of you Health and Happiness Always!
Check us out at MicaPureWater to start experiencing “The Fountain ofYouth”!

Here’s to Health, Happiness, Love and Gratitude!


P.S.  Have you ever wondered about the Paleo (Caveman) Diet?  I’m blogging about the Paleo Summit I attended, and have summarized the expert interviews.  Check them out was awesome!  If you’ve ever wondered if you were sensitive or allergic to wheat, this is a must view.



Drinking Water At Risk for more than 117 million Americans

I just received an email from the Clean Water Action Group as I subscribe to their Newsletters, as well as donated to a nice young man that visited our home a few years back in the snowy cold winter!

Clean Water Action Group is a 40 year old organization, with over 1 million members working together to protect our environment, health, economic well being and community quality of life.  Please click here to find out more about Clean Water Action Group.

“The polluters’ loopholes in the Clean Water Act have put drinking water for more than 117 million Americans at risk”

Besides helping the Clean Water Action campaign by becoming a member in pursuit to restore critical protections weakened by “polluter friendly” court decisions and relentless lobbying by big coal and other polluters, you can help protect YOUR family now.

At Mica Pure Water, we have an amazing All Natural (from Mother Earth) product that yields an all natural, water purifying additive, unaltered by chemicals or dangerous compounds, but utilizing one of the most powerful forces in Nature….Magnetism!  This power is best demonstrated by the minerals’ ability to cause certain dissolved toxins and contaminants that people cannot see, to become visible and insoluble, separating them from the water itself, making it easy to filter.  Crazy, but true!  Read all about it here!

Let’s strive and thrive in 2012, and make a difference.  Your family deserves it, the environment deserves it, your CELLS deserve it…and our body REQUIRES it!  Slip on over to Clean Water Action Group to see how YOU can make a difference, and head over to Mica Pure Water and find out why, it’s the BEST water outside of a natural spring, for you and your body!

Here’s to Health, Happiness, Love and Gratitude!

The bottled water industry and its effects on our health, climate change, pollution, and our reliance on oil

It has become common knowledge that 40% of bottled water is actually TAP WATER, not to mention the effect on our environment is disheartening. Check out this trailer from the movie “Tapped” to see for yourself the devastating effects the bottled water industry has created.

We KNOW our body needs PURE, healthy water to operate and perform our daily functions. Pure water is needed for proper digestion, blood regulation, body temperature, detoxification and more. And since 40% of bottled water IS tap water, you risk the dangerous effects of Disinfection ByProducts (DBP’s) created from the chlorination of water.

See here where Adya Clarity used in conjunction with our Water Filtration System removes/reduces the free chlorine by 100%!

…not to mention the dangerous VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds)
“Many VOCs are human-made chemicals that are used and produced in the manufacture of paints, adhesives, petroleum products, pharmaceuticals, and refrigerants. They often are compounds of fuels, solvents, hydraulic fluids, paint thinners, and dry-cleaning agents commonly used in urban settings. VOC contamination of drinking water supplies is a human-health concern because many are toxic and are known or suspected human carcinogens.” – U.S. Geological Survey, 2005″

An independent EPA lab concluded, Adya Clarity is extremely effective when used to filter the volatile organic compounds through the “Adya Mineral Filtration System”…after being filtered through the “Adya Mineral Filtration System”, the concentration of VOC’s were below the method detention limit!  See our report here.

Imagine paying over 2,000 times more for bottled water than tap water, and essentially receiving the same thing. Did you ever think years ago, we’d be paying for bottled water…as much as $2.99 or more per bottle?!! Even the “Big Box” stores that sell a 24 pack of “who knows what”, you’ll pay .20 cents for each of those bottles that become landfill. What’s in it? What are we giving our children? What are we TEACHING our children?

The “tap water” industry actually has to adhere to stricter standards than the bottled water industry!

Please, do yourself, your family and the environment a favor and ditch the water containing byproducts, along with the bottles! It is common knowledge that the BEST water available is pure, Spring Water straight from Mother Earth. To find a spring near you, go to
Or to experience the taste and benefits of the next best thing, for less than 60 cents per gallon, what I like to call, Nature’s Elixir, visit Mica Pure Water

It has been said that the greatest advertising and marketing trick of all time …BOTTLED WATER!

Here’s to Health, Happiness, Love and Gratitude!

Fun quote: Yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery-TODAY is a gift, that’s why it’s called the “present”!